GAP iNTERDISCIPLINARITIES- A Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies ( ISSN- 2581-5828)

GAP iNTERDISCIPLINARITIES is an Open Access Peer Reviewed global journal of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies and research. ISSN- 2581-5828

Publication Frequency- QUARTERLY


In today's world, a comprehensive understanding of the main social challenges requires the collaboration of many more like physical scientists, social scientists, humanities scholars and engineers, and will be highly interdisciplinary. Because these skills cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries, there is increasing support from academia, government, and business for the interdisciplinary programs. this approach can help to solve long-term problems in the economy, society, and government, as opposed to single-stream programs that focus on academically defined disciplinary paradigms.


Interdisciplinary research preparation and education are central to future competitiveness because knowledge creation and innovation frequently occur at the interface of disciplines.