When we create, when we work for the new or push ourselves ahead in search of fulfillment and change, we do so in a collective progress. Then, we step into the unknown together, ready to shape what’s coming. Being completely satisfied, as soon as it happens to be recognized as being a duty and established as being behavior, opens a doorway into unimaginable gardens thronged with grateful associates.

Innovators, change-agents, artists, creative thinkers, and progressives are the culmination of so many influential and inspiring people who have come before and opened our eyes to other worlds of thought.  We look up to our mentors, teachers, and peers who continually build us into citizens of the planet. We walk with their energy and then add our own. We, in turn, become a medium of what is possible. We are honored to announce the publication of the first issue of the GAP Journals-

  1. GAP BODHI TARU- An International peer-reviewed open access journal of Humanities ( ISSN 2581-5857)
  2. GAP GYAN- An International peer-reviewed open access Journal of Social Sciences and ( ISSN 2581-5830)
  3. GAP INTERDISCIPLINARITIES- An International peer-reviewed open access Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. (ISSN 2581-5828)

  We wish to express our gratitude to the researchers for their valuable submissions and to the ones who showed their interest in our journal. The submitted articles have been carefully reviewed by a professional editorial team consisting of the Editors-in-Chief and the members of the International Editorial Board.

It is well known that what is not measured cannot be improved. In these Journals of the Grand Academic Portal, we have tried to make some contribution to their improvement, and in the hope that these journals will become a useful tool for analyzing and interpreting results of future research.

Enthusiasm could be the internal voice that whispers, “ I can do it” when other folks shout, “ No, you cannot”.And thus, they inspire in all of us the passion to take action, have the impact, find responsibility, help others, and move forward in the mutual endeavor of shaping what’s to come. Neither believe nor reject anything, because any other person has rejected or believed it.